A Closer Look at 7 Kratom Strains

If you are new to kratom, you’ve probably been wondering about the different strains of kratom and what the effects of each are. Starting out with kratom can be a little confusing, which is why we’re happy to walk you through each of the common strains of kratom and tell you what each one does and what effects you can expect out of it.

By the end, you should be able to decide which strain is right for you and know why, as well. Let’s explore the various strains of kratom.


Bali is a very high-quality and consistent kratom. The chances are that you’ve already heard of the Bali strain because it is so well known. It is a very finely powdered kratom and it gives a euphoric effect. It is known as the most classic type of kratom.

Maeng Da

This strain of kratom has been used throughout history for its positive effects. This strain is known as the strongest among the raw kratom leaves, and it has some relaxing properties. It can also give you an energy boost and alleviate some pain.

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Red Borneo

If you like the effects of Bali but don’t like the side effects that come along with it, this is a good alternative. It has some of the same effects but doesn’t have as heavy of side effects. It’s a great strain for the beginner.


This is a classic strain of Indonesian descent. It has a pleasurable aroma that smells strongly of kratom trees. This is a great strain to try blended with others. It has some pain relief properties and also can help to boost energy.

Super Indo

This is another great one to try if you liked Bali, but wanted to change something small about it. Super Indo has a lot of the properties of Bali, except is has less euphoria than what Bali has to offer. If you tried Bali and discovered that you prefer less euphoria, this would be the right strain for you.

Green Vein Kali

This is a cousin to the Red Vein Kali, which is one of the more popular strains out there. The Green Vein Kali hails from Indonesian islands. It has an energizing quality but also gives you a wide range of sensations. It’s best known for having painkilling attributes, as well.

Super Green Jongkong

This is one of the more unique strains of kratom out there. It is very finely powdered and it’s a variation of green Indonesian kratom. It is as high-quality as it is unique and it’s rising in popularity very quickly. A lot of people get this strain because of the high value that it has to offer. It is affordable, but gives you a lot of sensations and is best known for being able to energize.


Now that you know some of the most popular strains of kratom out there, you have enough information to try out your first strain of kratom. Remember that these are not nearly all of the strains of kratom that are available, but they are each good starting points. If none of these meet your needs, you should feel encouraged to branch out and explore other strains of kratom.

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