Which Kratom Strain is the Strongest?

So, you have experimented with kratom in the past and figured out the basics, but now you are on to more advanced topics and you are wondering which is the strongest kratom out there. You’re not alone! This is a natural next step for anyone who is experimenting with kratom. Naturally, you want to know which strain or type is the strongest to get the most out of the desired effects.

 In this post, we’ll cover which type of kratom is the strongest and what you can expect from it. Whether you have used kratom to ease pain or to increase your energy, we can help you find the strongest kratom out there to help you the most. 

Strongest Kratom for Pain Relief

If you are using kratom for the pain relief benefits, then our Red Bali is going to be the strongest option for you. It is a very relaxing strain of kratom and it contains a lot of alkaloid. Those who use Red Bali praise it for the relaxing effects and many people use it to clear their mind, relieve pain, or help them to fall asleep.

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To get the maximum effects out of Red Bali, be sure to use a high-quality, concentrated dosage. This will amplify the strength and ensure that you get your desired effect.

Strongest Kratom for Energy Boost

Another reason that you may be using kratom is to give yourself a strong energy boost to get you through the day. This is a very popular use, but not every strain works for every person. Some people find specific strains to be not as effective. You can help to increase the chances of using a strain that works for you by focusing on the strength of the strain.

The strongest strain for energy boosting is white vein kratom. This strain helps to stave off fatigue and boost your energy very well. This would be a great strain if you are trying to quit coffee. Many have reported being able to stop drinking coffee altogether by simply using a strong kratom in its place.

Strongest Kratom for Relaxation

Finally, we have arrived at relaxation. Relaxation is a big reason for using kratom, and it can change the lives of those who have trouble relaxing. How well kratom relaxes you depends on your tolerance and the strain that you use. The stronger the strain, the higher the effects will be.

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Red Borneo strain of kratom is known for its very strong relaxation effects. It doesn’t stop there, though. Red Borneo can also help with chronic pain and other discomfort. This strain is also a pain relief strain, just like Red Bali, but the relaxation effects specifically are much stronger than that of Red Bali and should be used for anyone who specifically has problems with relaxation.


Though many people want to know, there is no one single answer for the strongest kratom. Each strain serves a specific purpose for many people. A good strategy would be to figure out what you want to use the kratom for and then to find the strain that is strongest in that area. In that way, you will truly find the strongest and most effective strain of kratom out there that works for you.

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